Monday, December 20, 2010

Making it Monday-Cutie Bottle Stoppers

AND GIVE AWAY. **Read Below and enter for a chance to get one of these goodies for yourself!
Cutie Bottle Stoppers
My fingers have been so busy...busy stitching, cutting, sewing, cooking and crafting that I forgot to take pictures of all the gifts I have made for all the lovelies in my life.  I did remember to take photos of this project and have made a semi-tutorial for these wine bottle stoppers.  I already gave most of these away at our Hannukah bingo party and they were a big hit.

First, I bought the cabinet pulls at my local craft shop and used Gesso (a base sealer) to cover the natural wood color.  I placed skewers in the small hole at the bottom of the cabinet pulls and placed them into a florist foam block, which I did not unwrap...I remembered that these can get crumbly and didn't want those little green pieces all over the floor, where the dog or baby could eat them!  I liked how they were standing up like this so I could paint them without any smudges and finger marks.

I bought the wooden people at A Child's Dream Come True. I really love this store.  They have such a great selection and they ship super fast too! 
I used a clear sealer for the people so that the face would stay a natural color--and I didn't have to try to mix a skin color.

These are the bases that I chose.  I wanted to use cork, like Cindy did at Skip to My Lou but I could only
find several corks at my local hardware store and NONE at the craft shop.  I did find these cuties at my local wine shop.  It turns out I like them better than cork, since they have shiny tops and they won't fall  apart with repeated use like cork might.  The wooden pulls and people were glued on the top using my hot glue gun, which worked great!

I then mixed tempra paints to paint the bottle toppers.  I only painted the hair and faces of the people, as I used origami paper for the body of the people (except for the santa and the guy in the tie which were done in felt).  I really like the metallic colored paint, I even used it for some of the hair. After the paint was dry, I sealed the tops with 3 coats of Mod Podge (gotta love this stuff), which gave them a nice shine.  
There you have it...good gifts all.

(I AM A NEWBIE AND WISH TO GET SOME FOLLOWERS!) Winner will be picked at random on 12/25/10 Christmas Day at 6 PM Hawaii time.  Please leave an email contact in your comment or a way I can reach you.
Each thing you do gets you an entry-for a possible of 2 entries per person.  On 12/27/10 will send the winner, via USPS one of these cuties.  Good luck and thank you for checking it out!  Happy, healthy and safe holidays!

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  1. These are adorable! I wish I'd seen them earlier so I could make them for my girlfriends. They're definitely going to go in the "to do" list for next year!

  2. I follow your blog! these are very cute. thanks
    annemolino at hotmail dot com